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The Tri-Village Lions have been fortunate, over the years, to benefit from the dedication of club officers and Presidents willing to shoulder the responsibilities of leadership. While no Lion has been asked to assume the role of President for more than one term, we have seen the mantle of responsibility shared within families, from father to son, and even from husband to wife.  The Tri-Village Club first accepted women into its ranks in 1995, and immediately tapped the talent and energies of our new additions. Our first woman President was elected in 2002- 2003, and five more women have filled the role since then. The club has reached out to actively embrace members who are blind, and two blind individuals have served as President of the organization in recent years. The Tri-Village Club has also provided leadership to Lions at the District and State level, and beyond. Lion John Dilley became the first Tri-Village Lion to serve as District Governor (2000-01), while Lion Jeff Brantner has long served as Secretary of the Ohio Lions Foundation and Lion Brian Turner is a Trustee of the Ohio Lions Eye Bank. Our award-winning monthly newsletter, Between the Lions, is recognized as the best around.  In 2013, our Leap Into Literacy program received an International Award as Outstanding Service Project from Lions Club International. In 1960, two members of the Tri-Village Lions Club, brought a motion to the State Convention of the Ohio Lions to adopt Pilot Dogs as a State project. They were persuasive in their presentation, and Pilot Dogs was thus recognized, and granted permission to be known as “Lions Pilot Dogs” by Lions Club International. Today, over 500 Lions Clubs nationwide support the Pilot Dogs organization, but none have contributed more funding or leadership than the TriVillage Lions. In 2001, Tri-Village Lion John Dilley brought the same attention to Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) as had earlier been focused on Pilot Dogs. He urged the Ohio Lions Governors Council to adopt CCI as a focus of Lions’ giving in Ohio. The organization is now acknowledged at the State level through the Lions Project for Canine Companions for Independence. Today, as was true more than 65 years ago, the Lions of Tri-Village are a well respected, active and a progressive club locally, as well as at the District, State and International levels. We are proud of the Tri-Village Lions Club members who have contributed so much to this community over the years, and we look forward to honoring their dedication and efforts by continuing their work in the decades to come. 


What Lions Are Not

 • We are not a political organization, yet among our members will be found leaders of all political parties and factions. Our constitution prohibits activity in a partisan political way, yet it carries a positive mandate that each club should provide a forum for the free and open discussion of all matters of public interest. • We are not a social club, yet we are directed to take an active interest in the social welfare of our various communities, for only in this way can we realize the full potential of our influence in developing the moral fiber of our societies. • We are not a fraternal organization, yet we have found that men and women of all faiths, all religions, all nationalities, all races can come together in an aura of mutual understanding, resulting in strong bonds of friendship and good fellowship. • We are not a youth organization, yet the Lions Clubs sponsor more Boy Scout troops than any other organization. We participate in so many youth programs and projects in this nation and abroad that it is hard to determine if the dog is wagging the tail or if the tail is wagging the dog. • We are not a welfare organization, yet over the years in good times and bad, countless thousands of less fortunate people have been the recipients of the generosity of Lions. Wherever recipients of the generosity of Lions. Wherever human suffering has been found, the flexible purposes of Lionism have made it easy fro Lions to respond generously and with open hearts. • We are not a sports or recreational agency, yet thousands of children have been thrilled with Little League programs and many other activities built around the training of the minds and bodies of our youth, both boys and girls. • We are not a religious body, yet the precepts we live by are familiar to the doctrines of the world’s spiritual bodies, and the motivation of our activity, resulting in thousands of complete projects, is deeply rooted on the age-old philosophy of “Love Thy Neighbor, “ found in all religions. • We are not a medical or health organization, yet our clubs have performed miracles in this wide panorama of community and individual service. • We are not an educational foundation, yet thousands of students are today in schools built by Lions. The Tri-Village Lions Club in UPPER ARLNGTN Help the Lions help the blind in UPPER ARLNGTN Tri-Village Lions Club in Columbus all serve the cummunity


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